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Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course (ABC Server Permit Certification)

Required By the State Of Tennessee and also Some Business Insurance Companies.

The State of Tennessee requires a person to have a Permit to Server or Sell Alcohol in the state.  Servers must be 18 years of age and take a TABC certified alcohol server training class. Your employer is required to have a copy of your server permit on file with the establishment. The Server Permit is good for 5 years.

ServSafe Manager and Food Handler Certification Courses

Required by most Health Departments

ServSafe Food Safety. Most states and local Health Departments requires licensed foodservice operations to meet certain food safety and sanitation regulations, including having at least one manager or operator certified in food protection practices. Created by the industry for the industry, the National Restaurant Association has developed the ServSafe® Manager program which fulfills state requirements to be a Certified Food Manager.


Server Permit Auditing for Your

Restaurant or Bar

We Help Keep You State Compliant

Our management system includes an on site monthly audit and a report for the "manager on duty" This report notes the following:

  • All employees serving alcohol; listing their permit expiration dates and/or hire dates for new employees.

  • Anyone who is out of compliance.

  • Any new employee who will be out of compliance or closing in on their 61 day grace period.

  • Notification of employees nearing their card expiration date. 30 day notice.

This enables a manager to take an  "at a glance look" to be able to make the necessary decisions based on who can legally be scheduled to serve. Don’t be subject to TABC fines.

We provide a report to your regional director or owner and to any other authorized departments when requested.
All of this pertinent information, along with your employees' permits, is maintained in a notebook to be used by your managers and the TABC agents.


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