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Online Live Class Cost: 
Cost of State Permit or License Fee: 
$20.00 - NEW PROCESS
Please take note: Before you take the class please go to the TABC website (www.tn.gov/abc) and setup up an account with the TABC and then fill out the server application and pay your $20 application/permit fee. Easiest if you us a computer. Then go to www.tn.gov/abc/rlps then click on RLPS and following the step by step instructions. Remember it is a individual server application your applying for. To attach your ID, you will need to take a picture from your phone and email it to yourself, then download on your computer.  Last thing Please take a screenshot of the receipt and text to me, I will need it to attached to your exam. Any questions please call me Gary @615-946-2525 


Managers, I can do a private class at your place of business for 7 people or more.  Contact me with any questions.

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